When price, quality and efficiency are important!

About PMA Global

PMA Global Limited provides managed services for sourcing print and promotional goods, and the logistics for these marketing collaterals.

The company was originally formed in 1988 as a print management service.

As the market changed and time progressed our warehousing services grew at a rapid pace. In Australia alone our warehousing capacity exceeds 30,000 pallets.

Our original print management service has become a modern suite of managed services that stretch from traditional print, to 3D printing, to large scale promotional items and right through to self-managed procurement software solutions.

We pride ourselves on industry best practice, innovation in our segment and being flexible enough to handle virtually any customer request.

PMA now has offices in 6 countries employing more than 200 staff and servicing a combined population of over 350 million people.

PMA Global Limited was founded on the core belief that to deliver value to a clients’ job it must be of a high quality, on time and cost effective. Whilst technology and the market change our core belief on delivering value does not.